Social Networking: How To Build Your Network In Social Media Marketing

Social Networking

So what is the secret to growing your following?

The simple effective way to truly develop and grow your social media presence or your network?

You already know what it is…

Social Networking.

But the ‘how’ is what really matters and what you will learn by the end of this article.

At some stage you’ve already been networking…

  • At networking events
  • Within your current job
  • Whilst on holiday
  • When attending a social event

I’d define networking as:

“Meeting & interacting with new people – forming new relationships based on common interests”

…and with that in mind, it’ll help to shed some light one of the important aspects of social networking in social media marketing.

Simply Interact With People That Are Interested In Your Area Of Business

We all have things that we are interested in, and it’s likely that your business was formed based on one of your interests.

However If it wasn’t, or if you are not the business owner – it doesn’t change the principle behind the concept.

To make new friends you will have to go out of your way and interact with total strangers in a strategic way.

Respond To The Social Influencing Of Others

On social media your published content is your currency, and there are so many ways to engage.

It’s not common that you’d find a person or business that does not want anybody to comment on their posts.

Each time you comment on their content you are making them acknowledge who you are.

By default, they’re likely to receive a notification and be delighted that somebody has engaged with their creativity.

Do this a few times, with positive feedback, and this person will definitely feel the urge to check out your content and respond.

When they see that your content is delivering value to them…

And not just a way of ‘displaying how great you are’…

You’re more likely to receive higher levels of engagement – and potentially new followers, but…

Be Sure To Stay Within Your Niche… Especially At The Beginning

…Because if you own a kebab store, and begin engaging with a vegan, it’s unlikely that they’re going to have any interest in your social media or your business.

If anything they’d probably feel offended.

You should definitely interact with influencers and their followers but the way that you’d engage with both parties will be completely different.

Whilst you comment on the posts of a social media influencer there are so many other people who will also be commenting.

It’s easy for your comment to be drowned in the sea of notifications that alert the influencer about everybody else’s comments as well.

In this case, your main objective is to be ‘discoverable’, so that other people who engage with this influencer will notice your business.

Think of it like free advertising.

This is also your opportunity to engage with people who are interacting with and commenting on this influencer’s content.

They are already there, which makes them a great prospect since you know they are involved in your target market.

This is your opportunity to start forming new relationships… “social networking”.

Spread The Good News

Social Networking

When you share other people’s content, they really appreciate it.

There is a reason why this person felt the need to publish that particular piece of content, and by sharing it it means you concur.

If you’ve studied sales, you’ll know that you should always be in agreement with your prospect.

This is probably the fastest way to make a new friend and increase your following.

And deciding on what to share doesn’t have to be too complicated either…

…I doubt that it’d make sense to share content that has been created by your competitors.

Your content plan will only be able to cover a limited number of topics in various different ways.

This is usually determined by the number of products or services that you offer.

Fortunately, other businesses that offer complimentary products or services are likely to be publishing high quality content as well.

By sharing their content, your are building ‘relationship equity’ and also filling the gaps within your own content.

The chances are, they are likely to return the favour at some stage.

So As You Can See, It’s Really Quite Simple

As you can surely appreciate, the finer details behind this can surely fill several pages with words.

The overall point that I really want you to get from this is to just get busy and be active.

Do this, and I kid you not…

Through your hardcore social networking, you’ll honestly see a lift in your social media presence.

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