Social Media Advertising: The What And The How

Social Media Advertising

There’s only one thing the matters…

And you’ll agree once your business has reached a particular point.

Perhaps you’ve reached that point now, or you are yet to reach that point – but that point still still stands.

Scaling your business beyond a certain point is only achievable with the use of advertising.

In the world today, i’d say “social media advertising” in particular.


Well, that’s why you’re reading this… to find out the ‘why’.

But first I must tell you the ‘what’, or better yet, the how.

You Need It To Drive Instant Mass Attention To Your Business

…Both ‘online’ and ‘offline’, but let’s talk about the ‘offline’.

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day, and that’s in 24 hours!

No business on this planet has that many people passing through it, or even that much footfall within the nearby area in such a short time period.

But well over 6 billion people are using social media platforms each and every day.

Almost (and could actually really be more than) double the amount of people that use Google are actually on Social Media… but for a much longer duration of time.

Now… thanks to the ad platforms, that most of these platforms have built into the back-end, you can construct tailored ads to specific people.

This is amazing!

A complete game-changer that beats any other form of advertising, and yes, even better than newspaper ads or tv ads for simple reasons such as:

  • It’s completely trackable
  • You can control the spending
  • They can be turned on and off
  • You can always edit the ads

And, as I always like to say, “The list really could go on”.

But don’t worry – there are certainly more interesting details that can be learnt in my other post: “How To Increase Website Traffic With Social Media Advertising“.

In that post I share more behind the real reason why you should be driving traffic to your website and give more information on how to do it.

But for now, I’m going to move on swiftly.

Social Media Advertising Will Create Multiple New Unpredictable Opportunities

A sort of combo!

Though in this case it’s a lot less violent than what you may be imagining.

When you effectively use social media advertising to spark the attention of new potential customers, they are likely to investigate into who you are and you’re offering.

When they do, this is your prime opportunity to offer them something else relevant to what they were initially interested in.

We all talk about McDonalds… because they are so successful.

A key reason for their success is because they almost never fail to offer you the up-sell on all their product offerings:

“Would you like fries and a drink with that?”

I think you’ll find that it’s almost always difficult to say no.

Now, assuming you already have other products, services and solutions relevant to helping solve the inital problem your potential customer came to you for…

Why would you not offer it to them immediately and in the exact same way?

…Think about it.

 And That Is Why You Need A Sales Funnel In Place

Social Media Advertising

No Digital Marketer has ever explained it to you in that way before, have they?

Social media advertising is only truly effective when you have a sales funnel in place.

…The opportunity for all your new website visitors to have a truly exciting buying experience.

Just like when you go to McDonalds and they offer you the fries and the drink…

Or, when you go to a clothing store, and you see loads of “useful stuff” all lined up around the queue and the till.

Or, when you go to the petrol station and there are “car things” right where you pay for your fuel, by the till.

This is the same opportunity for you to add value to your initial sale or the thing that brought the person to your business page in the first place.

I can appreciate that whilst this all sounds really cool, and makes sense, you might be thinking “how the heck am I supposed to set this up or do all this properly?”

Am I right?…

Well, this is typically when and why you would look into hiring professional help.

So, now you have a better idea of the what and how behind social media advertising.

If you haven’t done so already, it’d be good for you to add more context to social media as a whole by understanding the 3 practices that can make it ‘active’.

Like most things, this will give you a complete overview of what you can do to scale your business.

Alternatively, you can take a look at “How to Create A Social Media Strategy for your Business

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