Social Listening: How To Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors With Social Media Marketing

Social Listening

You’re definitely the real deal!

Ready to do what most others won’t…

And it’s quite simply the thing that will surely help you get the desired results.

“Putting in the hard work and research required to be successful”.

In that case social listening will definitely be an important part of that process and i’ll surely explain how.

Create And Regularly Search Through A List Of Hashtags

Now I know you’re a bit scared right now, because you probably don’t have one.

Don’t worry, most people don’t.

Ideally you should have a list of hashtags that are relevant to your market or your business.

For example, if you owned a sushi restaurant you should be tracking hashtags such as:

  • #sushi
  • #sushi[location] or [location]sushi
  • #eatraw
  • #goodfood
  • #sake

As you know, the list can definitely go on.

This is an entire job in itself, but it will definitely keep you on top of rising trends.

It’ll also help you to develop fantastic content and you will discover useful hashtags along the way.

Interact With Influencers And Observe Their Work

Mainstream media and social media alike.

It probably goes without saying but observing influencers will give you a sense of where the market is going next.

Even if they don’t set the trend, they will surely be one of the earliest people to catch one.

Once they catch on to a trend or do something influential, it’ll only but work in your favour to respond with the next step: ‘Social Influencing’.

As I’ve explained in a previous article, you really want to be creating content that is in response to current trends.

It’ll help your brand to get noticed and it’ll help to keep your business “interesting”.

If you can, you need to become interactive with these media influencers to help increase the chances of you being noticed by their followers.

Make Your Competitors Become Your Best Friends, Secretly

As much as you may not be so pleased to see this…

“Your competitors have their own fan base as well”.

Which in theory is great, because it means they are actively doing a percentage of the work for you.

When I say “the work” I mean:

  • Creativity
  • Research
  • Testing

Just some of the main things required in order to keep your target market interested and engaged.

They will definitely have figured out some things that your market really like or appreciate, which means you can learn from it and respond.

The last thing you would want to do, is not keep your target market happy – especially when your competitors are.

But remember…

Social Listening Is Only The Prequel

Social Listening

…To what is called social media Influencing.

Or perhaps the more familiar term that it is often incorrectly referred to as:


Which I believe is the very reason why so many businesses do not succeed with social media.

Your business, however, is completely different because not only do you understand social listening…

But soon you will learn the truth behind the next step in the social media marketing success process:

Social Influencing.

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