How To Use A Sales Funnel To Increase Social Media Advertising Profit

How To Use A Sales Funnel

How many times have you heard a digital marketer say that, eh?

“You need a sales funnel”.

Without actually explaining what it is.

“A sales funnel is a sequence of offers that helps you to increase your customer value”

Of course many different people will have their own ways of explaining in it, but that is a simple way to view it.

So in any business, you definitely need to be offering products/services that provide different solutions to problems…

At different price levels – of course.

Up-sells, Cross-sells, Down-sells. Your Combos!

Visualise a boxing match for a second… not so much the violent aspects of it – but the principle of how it works.

Usually they throw a jab or two, but the moment they see an opening they go for hooks and uppercuts IN A SEQUENCE.

That’s the part that I want to highlight – the sequence.

When you’ve spent so much time and money on getting a persons attention you must maximise on it.

They have already expressed an interest and potentially have a problem that needs solving.

When they accept your first offer, you need to be offering them the next possible thing that will also help.

Similar to when you buy a plane ticket and they offer you car rentals, extra luggage and all sorts!

This is the moment that the prospect is in euphoria and are most likely to throw in all their chips!

Learning Where They Are Within The Funnel

At it’s most basic level, your sales funnel would typically have three stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Evaluation
  3. Conversion

And i’ll very briefly touch on it in more detail…


This is when a prospect becomes ‘problem aware’.

They are now aware of a problem and that fact that your brand exists to help solve it.

Following this, they are ready to enter into the next stage.


They are ‘evaluating’ their options and, again, already know about you as a potential solution.

During this phase they are also doing further research on how to resolve this newly discovered problem.

The prospect will then hopefully move into the next stage, which is most exciting for your business.


When they finally make a purchase and become a customer.

Each stage requires a different form of nurturing and guidance and this is only made possible with the use of your online assets.

The more commonly used term for this is “content” – you will need many different types to answer different internal questions/desires.

Implement The Correct Tech

How To Use A Sales Funnel

In the modern age, there is probably a digital tool that can help you to accomplish most things.

Fortunately there are many tools that help with this endeavour too!

Whilst it can be created using your website domain or a separate domain, you need the immediate follow-up effect.

After somebody has “converted” or taken up an offer, never fail to immediately offer them something additional.

Since they’ve already committed to you at some level…

Now is your chance to show them all you’ve got.

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