Google PPC Case Study:

Building Company

We helped them to increase their number of acquired leads via Google ads by over 600% in a 3 month period!

Project summary

When we engaged this business, they had already been running Google ads for a long tiime but did not feel that they were getting a good return on investment. 

They needed help with getting their Google Ad account to get it running in a more professional way that would help them get more traction and leads for the amount of money they are spending as they were at a stage where they could afford to inivest more but did not want to do so until they were sure that it was being spent in the most effective way possible.

The Strategy

To begin with we had to complete a full audit of their current ad account and overal ad campaign performance.

This included (but was not limited to):

  • Completing in-depth market research
  • Analysing their competitors
  • Reviewing and adjusting their landing pages 
  • Restructuring their funnel 
  • Reconstructing the ad account setup
  • Removing and adding relevant keywords
  • Redistributing budgets


Within th first two months of us making the changes and implementing our strategy were able to help them increase their number of leads acquired by over 600%!



Let's Work Together!

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